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Fukushima Cover-up

Hello all. My name is Jim, and I started this page shortly after the triple disaster in Fukushima, 2011. I have since given it to another good man to keep it going. I live in Japan and felt the pain, but only from Tokyo. Today I sat with a woman who was a teacher in Iwate, she told me how she lost some of her students that day. It hit me hard. What I experienced here in Tokyo doesn't even compare to what those poor people experienced up north.

Tomorrow is the 7 year anniversary of that painful day. It will be a bit somber here in Japan.

Unfortunately this nuclear disaster will continue long after all of our lifetimes. Things are no better in Japan. The media would like you to think so, but the reality is different. No progress in containing the tainted underground water at the plant. The underground "ice wall" did not work. Contaminated water is still being dumped into the Pacific Ocean. They have no choice but to dump it. Too much...

Sad, isn't it? Humans created this mess. All we really can do is hope and pray for future generations not to repeat the same mistake. I still care, even though I am not active on this page anymore. Thank you to Fukushima Watchdogs and Herve C. for keeping up with this. Peace to all on this March 11. Ne¥ver forget.


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